Coffee Percs

“Finishing my coffee, I put aside my cup and, shoving the Henry into the boot, mounted up and rode out to the herd, singing low.”
–Louis L’Amour

Mornin’ pard, let’s get some of this java down, so yur gizzard will light up in a smile. Ahhh, good coffee this mornin’. You know there are somethings that just jerk my jaws, so gonna give you a spell of it. I’m so tired of the audacity and arrogance of Lynch and our pseudo-president. More of the same to come, but tellin’ states that they have to let kids determine which bathroom to use for their gender identity. Perhaps the worst of it is that they are threatenin’ to withhold money for education if they don’t. Now that forces the bile to rise. Do somethin’ immoral and against God’s Word or we will not give you money to give kids’ breakfast and lunch. But after 8 years should we expect less? This whole transgender/gay thing is straight from the pit of hell, makes you surely understand those backin’ it.
Sorry, just have to get that out, it was churnin’ ’round inside. Mark my words! If that woman gets elected you’ll see worser and worser stuff. She is a known liar, a proven liar, and a continual liar. That right there tells you who her “father” is. There I go again, don’t mean to be a politikin’ at our coffee time; just sorta comes out once in a while.
Good thing the coffee is strong. Get those ol’ innards a settled down. Let me tell you a story I heard the other day. No gossip, just somethin’ I heard. There was this ol’ cowboy, rodeo rider, rough stock, but mostly bulls. Well, yuh know those guys can take a beatin’; they get all banged up. Word is that since he is full of a bunch of nuts and bolts, rods, and screws and other such things that his doctor and his mechanic have formed a partnership.
Now, that along with the coffee should help us on our way to a smilin’ gizzard, especially after my earlier thoughts. Keep a-smilin’ and following God’s Word, despite the nonsense about you.
Oh, and it’s important that you check your cinch before ridin’ out.

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