Coffee Percs

It was shadowed and cool in the ranch kitchen, and he liked the smell of coffee….  He sipped the coffee and felt his muscles relax.”         –Louis L’Amour

Missed yuh pard and this little respite we take together for the week.  I know, it’s just a few minutes, but sometimes that’s all a person needs to get back in the saddle for the next week.  I made sure the coffee was strong for yuh this mornin’.  Ahhh, that sure does ease the ol’ gizzard some.  It can get right riled when I turn on the TV and look at the goin’s on.
Sorry, I was gone but had to pick up the Missus from over in East Texas.  She was sittin’ there in the piney woods, just a-pinin’ for me, or so I’m sayin’.  She had just gone to see the eldest daughter way back East just south of that Mason-Dixon Line.  What’s that yuh ask?  Have I had any pie since she’s been home?  What do yuh think?  Why sure!  She knows how to spoil me.
Evil is sure workin’ it’s way through society, more and more.  I saw where Judge Moore was removed from the bench ’cause of his stand on gay marriage.  That whole concept is just plain stupid to begin with, beside goin’ against God’s law.  I read something a few days ago, that I’ll need some ponderin’ on, but thought I’d give it to yuh, and let yur mind worry on it some as well.  When a country throws God out, does that open the door for those supernatural imps of the devil to come in and wreck more havoc?  I know that the Lord uses nations, protects nations, and destroys nations….  Leave it at that and let’s finish the coffee.  When I sit to ponder that question I’ll have to have a whole pot to myself.
Got some doin’s to attend to today.  Yep, need to get all gussied up in my duds and takin’ the wife to a banquet.  Plus there’s a baby shower she has to go to this mornin’.  I’ve never figured out why they give babies a shower anyhow.  We used to give our kids a bath in the sink when they were babies.  :-]
October 1, my the time is a flyin’.  With all of the runnin’ ’round today, you can be sure I’ll check my cinch.

P.S. One more thing ol’ pard.  Be sure and get yurself a copy of “The True and Unbiased Life of Elias Butler.”  It can be purchased at Amazon.