Coffee Percs

The coffee was fresh, hot, and strong.  He took his cup in his hand and walked to the door.”  
              –Louis L’Amour  (Heller With a Gun)

Well, Pard, Laura passed us by without even a kiss nor a slap.  That’s fine with me, but some folk down Louisiana way, sure got slapped by her, no kisses for sure.  Ol’ Momma Nature can sure get riled if’n she has a mind to.
    Been interesting how the talk of the corona has died down some thanks to Laura.  I’m sure it’ll pick up again.  Either that or the media will set their sights on another issue and target.  Mail in votin’ has been high on their list.  Hang on to yur hat an’ wait an’ see.  I’m a-wishin’ this election was already over, but in time, my friend, in time.
    This is a time when all true believers need to be determinin’ in how they perceive life in this ol’ world.  Am I a part of the devil and the world system?  Or am I just a wanderer lookin’ for a city?  Just ask up, I’ll fill yur cup, or yuh can wander on over to the stove yurself.
    Listen, the devil has the control of the evil in the world, but never forget that this is God’s world and He has control of the devil.  Why think of that coffee yur a-drinkin’.  He made the soil, He made the plants, He made the means for man to discover how to cultivate it and roast it.  Not sure if He made us to guzzle it the way you do, but it is one of the little satisfactions of life He has given us to enjoy.
    This world is His and what happens in it, He for sure takes notice.  Remember that ol’ song, “He’s got the whole world in His hands…”.  We are part of God’s world; yet we cannot let the world squeeze us into its mold.  Join in the cultural revoluion, drink yur cinos or find your place in the kingdom of God in this world.
    Yeah, yeah, I’ve been preachin’, but some of the best preachin’ I do is to myself.  That’s why I have a cup of coffee with me when I go to preachin’ to myself.  Helps give me a break to take a sip or two, and calms down the gizzard.
    Make sure yur cinch is tight for yuh might just meet some contrary people this week.
                             Vaya con Dios.