Coffee Percs

Coffee boiled in a pot in the corner of the fireplace.   The old man poured a cup of cold water in to settle grounds and brought the pot up to set it on the rough table.”
              –Elmer Kelton (Llano River)

Here we are, Pard.  I’ve got the coffee in front of me, back in the east country.  Things shore are different out here, folks wear masks more than back home.  Hope to sit back and enjoy myself these few days.  In fact, today is a big one; I’m makin’ chili for the grandson’s birthday.  
    No problems along the trip; didn’t see a hostile along the way, but I’ll tell yuh, Pard, I was watchin’.  We are told by ol’ Peter and Paul that our job is to be wary and alert.  In these days those are words to live by.  This is true not only spiritually, but out there in the world as we travel through it.
    Why, Pard, do yuh remember the days when we could leave the door unlocked, the coffee on the table, and the pot on the stove?  Go on in, make yur coffee, but jist clean up afterward.  My mercy, the two groups that are most unsafe these days are unborn infants and police officers.  Insane!  Jist plain crazy!
    Now, listen here, an’ listen tight–the problem isn’t the corona.  The problem is that the days are evil!  Before the time of the Lord’s return the days will get worser and worser.  The great deceiver will blind the eyes of folk not immersed in the Bible.  People are goin’ to be duped more and more if’n they are not followin’ the words of our Lord.
    Well, wanted to get a note out this mornin’ to let yuh know I’m safe an’ well.  Needed to sit down with yuh an’ enjoy the coffee.  Don’t be frettin’ if the days seem restless; that’s a good sign–yippi-ki-yay, that means the Lord’s on His way.  You jist be readin’ yur Bible, watchin’ the signs around yuh along the trail, and keep yur gun handy.  Oh, oh, an’ don’t forget to be checkin’ yur cinch.