Coffee Percs

My fire was dying but the coffee was still hot.  I drank another cup and then stretched out on my bed and slept like a baby.”
              –Louis L’Amour  (Passin’ Through)

Mornin’, Pard, come on in an’ join in this joyous day.  What’s the occasion?  Why my ol’ gizzard is just a bubblin’ with joy.  With you showin’ up, and the coffeepot full, and the Lord smilin’ down on me, what else is needed?
    Sure seems like the world has gone mad.  No, it doesn’t seem, it has.  It is just a show case, a display, of what is to come.  Hatred, my mercy, have yuh ever seen the like.  Lack of respect, lack of a work ethic, things are just goin’ to mess, but still, through it all, my ol’ gizzard is smilin’.  Yes, I know, wearin’ a mask one can’t see my fantastic smile.  
    But even with the mask coverin’ the face, there is the feelin’ of weariness, of despair, of hopelessness that permeates the country.  Why, Pard, just look at the despair that is causin’ all those riots.  Hopelessness held in will result in a scream.  Add to that, hatred and yuh have madness.  Drink yur coffee, Pard, while I do some philosophyzin’.  Let chaos come, for that is what the Antichrist will come out of and that means the Lord’s return will happen.
    Now, with that, Pard — say, ain’t that coffee good this mornin’?  Mmmm, yep, I’m smilin’ deep inside, for I’m lookin’ up.  In the midst of the madness I believe the Lord will be headin’ back this way for us.  Yuh just have to stay ready.  Say Pard, how ’bout a round of “I’ll Fly Away”?
    Maybe next week I’ll have a story for yuh as we’re headin’ for the hills of Pennsylvania.  There’s a cabin just waitin’ for our appearance.  Yuh stay strong an’ happy, Pard.  Be alert an’ check that cinch.
           Vaya con Dios.