Coffee Percs

CampireHe turned toward the coffee pot, intending to fill himself a cup and then head out onto the front porch to watch morning take the land.”
-Brad Dennison

Here we are again pard.  Sure glad you took the notion to come on by.  Don’t fret none; the coffee is hot and strong.  Sure be glad when this election junk is over; if I watch it, it starts to get my goat.  No need getting riled by it, but it is just plain stupid.  How about that statement Hillary made to Ellen Degenerate.  She said that she felt threatened during the debate as Trump stalked her on the stage.  My mercy…if she is elected what will she do with the likes of Putin?  Plus who is going to stalk Hillary?  Oh well, let’s get our minds on better things.
How about those clowns pard?  Sooner or later one will get shot for clowning around.  I warn my own kids and all of my students the dangers of clowning around.  But in my studies of Proverbs we seem to have the simple and the fools with us.  Just some of the folk that we have to put up to.  Interesting study pard, the four types of people in Proverbs.
I laid in bed and dozed off and on for a couple of hours before gettin’ up.  Little lazy this mornin’ but it was a rough week.  Found that some of my “clowns” were tryin’ to cheat on a test.  Fixed them.  But layin’ there, in the quiet, listenin’ to the sound of doves beginnin’ to wake up.  And thought of something I read last night.  It’s from that ol’ sage, Louis L’Amour, so I’ll share it in closin’ this note.  Don’t fret, I’ll fill up our cups before I write it down.

“There is a subtle awareness in the night.  The darkness around you does not sleep; it is awake, alert, sensing.  It is alive to movement, and feels the changes in the air, the smell, the temperature.  The trees are aware, and the bushes.  The birds and small animals are aware, and they listen, hesitant, suspecting.  Awareness of danger is an element of their being.  It is like there breathing, like the blood in their veins, and one who lives much with the wilderness becomes so aware, too.  Living with stillness, he detects sounds unheard by the casual passers-by, sees things they do not see, catches odors too faint for their nostrils.  Half of woodcraft is attention, and all of survival.”

You take care of yourself pard.  Keep your gun oiled and handy, right with your Bible.  And when goin’ out, don’t forget to check your cinch.