Coffee Percs

Shivering in the cold, they surrounded the fire to kill the morning chill . . . sitting skillets to heating and coffee pots on handy rocks next to the fire.”  
              –Rod Collins (Bitter’s Run)

Brrr, come in this kitchen.  Gettin’ cold, and from what those ‘perts at the weather station says it’s supposed to be gettin’ colder.  ‘Course the weather casters are about as reliable as a liberal politician or lawyer.  But take a sip, careful, it’s hot, but it’s also strong and black–just what yur gizzard ordered.  It’ll warm yuh from inside out.
    I was sittin’ ’round the stove doin’ something when I overheard the missus say, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”  Well, Pard, I scratched my ear a bit, pulled on the end of my moustache ’cause it got me to wonderin, What is a blank mind?
Noooo, don’t be untolerant or silly–it’s not a liberal politicians brain.  Hmmm, now yuh got me wonderin’.  Perhaps it is, either his brain or the devil’s warehouse or maybe playground.  
    Yuh know those eastern religions and them that spout New Age say we should meditate and empty our minds.  Now, now, I know they already act like they have empty minds, but be serious.  They say empty our minds, but if that happens all sorts or scary, evil things could enter.  Garbage of the vilest kind, and again yur right Pard, maybe that’s what happened.  However, one of the lost practices in Christianity is that of meditation.  Yep, that’s fer sure.  Reason folks don’t meditate is that they don’t know the Scriptures.  See, instead of emptying our minds, when we meditate we are to fill it with the Word of God.  Plus that there meditating means yuh have to find some solitude, get quiet, be still, and not runnin’ hither and thither.
    Try it Pard.  Yuh can even have a cup of coffee sittin’ there beside yuh.  Start slow, may only ten minutes, but read a portion of the Bible, then take a sip, then contemplate those verses.  Ahhh, yuh talk ’bout refreshin’ the soul.  Maybe have one or two verses that yuh concentrate on through the whole week.  Sure better than listenin’ to those bureaucrats squabble over stupidity!
    Pard, yuh be stayin’ warm.  Yuh still have to do what?  Pard, yuh better get a move on, those flowers will freeze in this cold.  Check that cinch if’n yuh have to be out ridin’ in the cold.  An’ try contemplatin’ on the Word of God this week.
     Vaya con Dios.