Coffee Percs

He took two more deep swallows then hit the cup against the side of his leg.  I don’t know how he can drink that hot coffee so fast.  Running his fingers inside the cup, he wiped out the last drops after which he dried his fingers on his pants, and put the cup away.”
              –D.C. Adkisson  (Redemption)

Always good to have yuh drop by, Pard.  Get on down, and step into the kitchen, the coffee’s been brewin’ so should be plenty hot and strong.  Just been shakin’ my head as I saw yuh ride up.  My, my, my, I read the news a couple of times this week, and I had to stop and think what country I was livin’ in.  Ol’ Will Rogers said that all he knew he gains from the newspapers, my land, if’n he said that now it would be mostly lies, foolishness, and plain ol’ stupidity.
    The NCAA said they would accept transgenderin’ and woe to the states that don’t.  Pard, now that sounds like a threat to me.  Gun laws, sex laws, racial laws all of which make no sense at all, court packin’, playin’ politics rather than servin’ the people.  See, Pard, when man goes away from God’s moral law they have no place to turn except to the foolishness of man.  There are some out there demandin’ that justice be done, but what they really mean is that their justice be done.
    Here, let me pour another cup for yuh.  Sure good to be back in the ol’ homestead.  Still some work to be done, but were able to sleep and cook.  Nice to have family around so we didn’t have to put up a tent.  What?  Yuh don’t think I could have made it?  I’m spry enough when I have to be–just don’t be a-proddin’ me too much or yu’ll find out.  It’s nice to sit back in my chair and gaze at God’s great cathedral and count my blessin’s.
    Keep yur nose to the wind, watch the clouds and be ready and waitin’, but in meantime yuh be sure an’ check yur cinch.
      Vaya con Dios.