Coffee Percs

Take a seat, I was just about to pour a cup of coffee. You like one?”

                    –Cliff Hudgins  (Viejo and the Lost Ranger)
Hey, Pard!  We made it back and did we have a swell time.  My mercy, the Lord sure blessed us with some grand country.  We made a nice trip goin’ first through New Mexico on into Arizona.  We had to change plans there as we wanted to see some sights but the Navajo Reservation was shut down.  After adjustin’ our schedule we went to Utah, spent some time on Antelope Island at Salt Lake, traveled through Idaho to our cabin in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana.  I do mean to tell yuh, that I wish I was twenty years younger for the fishing looked great in that area, plus there were some great hiking trails.
       Coffee!  Pard, it was hard to get a decent cup of coffee.  That stuff they have in motels; well, a person can make only a fourth cup of coffee from one of them packets they put in the room.  On the trail; well, gas station coffee ain’t much better.  We did find decent coffee in a couple of cafes, but that was it.  Good thing I brought my own along, so I could make some in the cabin.  Let me tell yuh, good coffee is hard to come by.  Most of it is weak and watered down, kinda like the preachin’ out there and the wishy-washy folk.  I found out that Montanas have the same feelin’ towards “snowflakes” and “twinkies” that most of us Texans have.  They kinda make the gizzard start to gurgle.
       Another wonderful thing–I didn’t hear any news.  I was too busy concentratin’ on God’s great cathedral that I wasn’t about to be bothered by the news, or should I say the lies and arrogant attitudes of the bureaucrats.  Did I tell yuh that the Bitterroot River was fifty feet from our cabin, and that the trees around were majestic ponderosa pines?  Yep, to have been a bit younger.  But that’s not to bellyache, Pard, for we had a grand time.
       I didn hear a bit of stupidity when I came home.  It seems that the person tryin’ to be President said that he will send officials door-to-door to check on those who haven’t had the vaccine.  My mercy, isn’t that invasion of health privacy?  Seems to me a person’s health is their own affair not that of the government.  Next thing they’ll be comin’ and askin’ what kind of coffee I drink and if’n it ain’t the preferred type I might get it confiscated.  
      Ahhh, now that’s real coffee.  Yuh’d think that the coffee would be strong along the road.  Yuh would think those that serve it would want yuh to perk up and stay alert.  Good thing I’m back.  Have to have a decent cup on the stove, and from the news I heard it would be best to make sure yur gun is oiled and ready.
     How ’bout you, Pard.  Yuh haven’t fallen off yur hoss since I’ve been gone.  I mean there’s been no one around to remind yuh to check yur cinch.
           Vaya con Dios.