Coffee Percs

When the sun was coming up I had the fire built up, bacon was in the pan, and the coffee was already black and strong.”
–Lou Bradshaw

“Ohhh, muh bones denounce the buckboard bounce, and the cactus hurts muh toes….”  Hey there pard, yuh sorta snuck up on my this mornin’.  Sit down, I’ll pour the coffee and tell yuh why I was singin’.  Sure not a Pavaratti, and I’ve been told, maybe even warned not to sing in public, but yuh known, when I cut loose I think I sound pretty good.
Got called into the office; seems like I have a large number of kids failin’.  There’s a number of reasons for that but one is that they are spoiled.  Yep, yuh heard me right.  So many have been coddled all along their poor little delicate lives and that includes school.  Here they are juniors and are still cryin’ for Gerbers. 
What about that coffee, pard?  It’s sure not gonna coddle yur innards, nope, gonna wake them right up.  Ahhh, hot, black, and strong.  But let me continue, I recall somethin’, I think it was Elmer Kelton, he said, “Dull knife, dull boy.”  Sure easy to spot them.  Check out their work, if they do any atall, and you’ll learn quick much about their character. 
I guess my problem is that I don’t care much for sloth or sluggards (those are good Proverbs’ terms).  Paul says we are to be workin’ for the Lord no matter what we are doin’, and that preacher said “Whatever thy hand finds to do, do it with thy might.”  Yuh think maybe that some are workin’ hard at bein’ a sluggard?  Dull knife…
Time to be movin’ out.  East Texas is on the list for the weekend.  Don’t be a lazy fool, be sure and check yur cinch, I’ve done checked mine.