Coffee Percs

Sticks had been pulled from the fire and it was dying.  I had a few more beans and warm coffee.  It was better than cold coffee.  It was so much better than no coffee at all…  I had another cup.”
–Lou Bradshaw

Thought I heard you ride up.  Yep, was a lazy bum this mornin’–slept in some.  Sure glad this Saturday rolled around; I was sure lookin’ forward to some time off and ‘specially Thanksgiving.  Trust you had a good week, pard.
Sometime next week, we’ll be headin’ out to the woods.  Sure like spendin’ time there, haven’t got to do it much in the past several years.  Hard to just get out and go.  Reckon the last time we really spent time in the woods was camping back on the Utah/Wyoming border.  So there’s one little thing to be thankful for.  What I’m tryin’ to tell yuh is–be thankful and don’t forget the small things.  There’s gonna be feastin’ this week, and be thankful for all the provisions the Lord has supplied you with through the year, not just that one day.
In one way, it’s alright to take our blessin’s for granted.  It shows that we recognize that the Lord is takin’ care of us every day.  On the other hand, we sure do need to stop every now and then and be thankful and not take His blessin’s for granted.  Yuh, kinda understand what I’m tryin’ to say?  Most everyday I thank the Lord for another one; it’s been a year and a half now since the ol’ heart went a-sputterin’.  I don’t take for granted a day, but there may be one that slips by when I don’t say, “Thank you Lord.”  I think that’s one of the purposes of a “day of rest”, for Sunday.  That’s a day to give to the Lord and one of the things we should do is stop a spell and give Him thanks.
Here I’m goin’ on and your cup’s gone dry.  Shame on me.  But then that makes one thankful when I pour another one.  So be thankful for that cup of coffee, and if you finish the cup and there’s none left in the pot, be thankful that you had some.  Right now, pard, think I’ll pour another cup.
Sure hopin’ that you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.  Be thankful and remember His great faithfulness to us.  Don’t forget, the Lord gave us common sense, be thankful for that and check that cinch.