Coffee Percs

He was drinking his coffee. Returning from the kitchen, she poured him a second cup and then sat down to join him.”

                         –Luke Short  (The Deserters)
Howdy, Pard, how’re yuh perkin’ this mornin’?  Sure hope yur not boilin’ over.  Come on, Pard, that’s a joke.  I know the world is a serious place to be but this is ol’ Ira here holdin’ the coffeepot in his hands ready to pour yuh a cup.  Yuh could at least give me a little grin, or a smirk.  Too bad yuh didn’t come by yesterday.  The missus made some chicken enchiladas stuffed with jalapenos, poblanos and cheese and there were some left over.  I fired up some of that hen fruit, and covered them with that tasty sauce.  Guess it was sorta like huevos enchiladas.  Tasty, Pard, mighty tasty.
       It sure has been an interestin’ week to say the least.  I just cayn’t imagine people riotin’ over not bein’ able to kill the unborn.  That’s simply ignorant fools acting stupid, or maybe not–some of them have an agenda of murder, evil, and lawlessness.  They belong to the devil and are usherin’ in the way of the Man of Lawlessness–the Antichrist.  Unless these folk have a real conviction placed upon them and repent they are headed for perdition.  This is close to blasphemy, I reckon, for it slaps the Creator in the face for mankind was made in His image and they are takin’ the place of God in killing babies.
       We’ve come a long way since I was a kid, and from the looks at you…well, I’ll stop there.  I happened to watch the second episode of The Rifleman the other night.  The Book of Job was given in a paraphrase.  Can yuh imagine a show doin’ that today?  Why even some preachers won’t preach the Word, “the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.”  The Rifleman paused when he said that, then emphasized, “Blessed be the name of the Lord!”
       That’s a good thing to remember Pard.  In the bad, as well as the good, we should be blessin’ the Lord.  Too often, and I hate to admit Pard, I’m guilty of this once in a while, we sit ourselves down at the table to partake of the bounty before us an’ we plum forget Him.  Oh, we might mumble a short prayer, but we don’t think much ’bout what we’re sayin’.  If God is really in charge of our lives we need to be thankin’ Him for everything.
       Be thankin’ and prayin’ and watchin’ each step on this journey.  Be remindin’ yurself about the Lord, and yuh can also be remindin’ yur ownself to check that cinch.
        Vaya con Dios.