Coffee Percs

I had learned not to turn down a cup of coffee. I figured the boiling coffee would kill anything in it.”

                         –D.C. Adkisson  (Trouble at Gregory Gulch)
Cup’s on the table, sit yurself down and I’ll get the pot and pour yuh some.  I know Pard, yur like me in that way, yuh seldom turn down a cup of coffee.  Why I’ve even been known to drink Starbucks if given to me, but this ol’ fence post won’t be buyin’ any from that company.  No siree, not with their outspoken liberal ways, not to mention the price.  
       Pard, I’ve had some bad tastin’ stuff that people pawn off as coffee and I’m not talkin’ ’bout the cinos either.  Church coffee, for instance.  Most church coffee is like flavored water.  It may be hotter than the dickens, but it’s so weak why if I didn’t know better I’d think they just dipped some beans in, stirred it around, then took them out.  Now I do have to give some credit to ol’ Mike in San Antonio.  He made some good church coffee, ‘course he spent many years in the military.
       Like the thought written above, I reckon that when yur out on the trail and yuh don’t know what yur drinkin’ if the coffee’s hot enough and strong enough it’ll kill most of the bugs that might have gotten into it, includin’ those invisible ones.  Yuh better look close at it though what you thought was an unground coffee bean that came out the spout might have been a roach.
       Take a deep swaller–ahh, good and satisfyin’ ain’t it.  “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good,” that’s what good coffee reminds me of.  There may be counterfeits and weak Christians running hither and thither, but give me the satisfying Word of the Lord.  Some want it watered down and I reckon it’s ’cause they have a weak constitution with no gumption or fortitude.  What happens to those weaklin’s when the hard times really hit?  Some wander all around, tastin’ here and tastin’ there and are never satisfied.  That’s ’cause there is no taste or little of it.  They are “social drinkers,” walking around, noddin’ their heads and greetin’ folk with a cup of see-through coffee in their hand or, Lord forbid, a cino.
       Well, Pard, yuh be havin’ a good week.  Don’t drink any weak coffee nor take any wooden nickels.  Be wary of yur surrounds and sit tall in the saddle.  Oh, and don’t be forgettin’ to check yur cinch before mountin’.
       Vaya con Dios.