Coffee Percs

The coffee was ready by then so he poured himself a cup and sat at the table to drink it while he waited for the eggs to cook.”
–Frank Roderus

Mornin’ to yuh pard, whooeee, what doin’s yesterday! Powder River let ‘er buck. Let’s see what happens now. As that ol’ cowboy Conagher would say, “He’s mounted that bronc now we’ll see if he can ride him.” I made the coffee strong this mornin’, say, now don’t you go waterin’ it down any. Take life as it comes, yeehaw!
Let me tell you, one think I can’t stand; it really riles my gizzard, are whiners. Give me a break. Instead of whining and throwing a temper tantrum, get with the program. My kids never threw many of those things, they knew the consequences. These whining brats that really only care about havin’ their own way and destroy the property of others need to be taken out behind the woodshed and given a thrashin’. Listen, this ol’ fence post has been disappointed for eight years and I never went out and busted nothin’.
Ahhh, now that’s good coffee. Refill? Sure pard, comin’ right up. How about that stupid remark from Blitzer? It was totally disgusting. In all my years I’ve never heard a “journalist” say such a thing. Did you hear it? “What happens if Trump and Pence are assassinated on Friday?” That’s not journalism, nor even sensationalism. He’s one of those that needs to be slapped silly, but yuh know, I don’t think he would learn.
Listen and listen tight; in the midst of all of this I serve a God that I can depend upon. He’s with me along the way. If we see confusion and chaos, well, pard, who’s the author of all of that? The ol’ devil, himself–important to remember that this world is not our friend.
Sorry, want me to make another pot? Didn’t even realize we’d drunk it all with all my goin’s on this mornin’. You have a good week, and be checkin’ that cinch when you mount.
Vaya con Dios.