Coffee Percs

We got us a fire going and he put coffee on and broke open a can of beans, giving me half and keeping the other half for himself  And while the coffee boiled I told him what had happened…”
–Louis L’Amour

What’s on yur agenda today pard?  Right now, just sit yurself down and drink some of this here coffee.  Ahhhh, we get so convoluted at times with all the goin’s on of the week, that it’s just nice to sit with a pard over a cup of coffee. 
Ever get blank stares?  Seems like there’s more and more of that.  Yuh know there’s folk out there protestin’ and breakin’ up other folk’s property and ask them why they can’t give you a common sense answer.  One ol’ boy once said, “The sounds which come from an empty head will reveal its hollowness.”  Now ain’t that the truth!  This ol’ timer was preachin’ at a church and after the service a person came up to him to correct his speech.  He said, “You used the phrase ‘aching void.’  Tell me how a void can ache.”  To which the ol’ preacher replied, “Well, not to speak of a hollow tooth, don’t you sometimes have a headache?”  Ponder that one a bit, while I refill our cups.
Talk ’bout void, that pulled just ’bout all the wisdom from my brain this mornin’.  Don’t care what folks think, I look around and I think, yep, once in a while this ol’ fence post tries that, I think that this world is gettin’ crazier and crazier, and the crazies don’t have a real clue, and the ones who are tryin’ to do somethin’ are scoffed at.  Woe, when we start callin’ evil good, and good evil.  The Lord don’t put up with that very long.
Well, thanks for sharin’ yur mornin’ with me pard.  Stay warm.  Don’t go mountin’ up without checkin’ that cinch.