Coffee Percs

I knew how important a good cup of coffee was, especially if a fella hasn’t had any for a while, so we took time to make a pot.”
–Lou Bradshaw

Come in pard; throw your ankles under the table and I’ll pour you a cup.  Looked to see if you were comin’ over as I listened to the pot perk.  Sure hope you had a good week.  At least you made it through, seein’ that you’re here.
I was listenin’ to a couple of kids talk the other day about some coffee that they had.  If sounded more like the ingredients for a cake.  I just don’t understand why they want to go an’ mess up a good cup of coffee with all of that junk they throw in.  Now, I know some like a bit of cream, and some even put a dap of sugar in, but some of that other stuff?  Well, they even said something about whippin’ it up.  That just ain’t right.
Take a sip, how’s that?  Ahhhh, that’s good coffee.  Say did you read where the CEO of Starbucks made some comments against traditional marriage.  Makes me wonder how he figures he came into this world.  Well, I don’t buy the stuff there.  I’ll drink it if it’s handed to me, but sure won’t give them one of my dimes.
Try and figure this out–the argument about transgender.  What in the world in goin’ on in this world?  Don’t let anyone dare tell you that the devil ain’t out there spewing forth confusion.  Didn’t read the article, but the title from one “journalist” was, “Trump takes biology over psychology.”  We just need to get back to the basics of life, but don’t reckon that’s gonna happen.  The devil is out there spewin’ his lies, and folks are just gonna follow their father.  Sure glad I have my heavenly Father watchin’ over me.
Be careful as you travel.  Accordin’ to the one educated fellow the world is flat.  In my mind I just see a piece of cardboard earth flyin’ through space.  Know what’s worse?  His teammates won’t tell him he’s wrong.  Guess they realize you can’t fix stupid. So make sure that cinch is tight before you mount.