Coffee Percs

I sat leaned against a tree with a cup of coffee in my left hand, and my cocked pistol was in my lap…waiting.”
–Lou Bradshaw

I’m plenty tired of the rattlin’ jaws with all their rantin’ and ravin’. Sorry, just peeves this ol’ fence post, and here I haven’t even poured your coffee yet pard. Sorry, but I sure get tired of people makin’ excuses, blamin’ others and then tryin’ to make up stuff to get their way. I know, I’ve said it ‘nough times that when Jesus said that the poor will be with you always, that He wasn’t just meanin’ poor in money. But, my mercy, do they have to be so stupid in their poor minds?
Ahhhh, at least the coffee’s good; yep, good and strong. Listen pard, when you mount up and ride anywhere yuh just have to realize that you’re movin’ in wolf country. Now, havin’ wolves around is one thing. My ol’ pal Miles Forrest spent a winter where he had to constantly fight off the wolves. But these wolves are a different breed an’ they’re all rabid!
No need to be lookin’ over your shoulder; you’re safe in this kitchen, but out there….it’s something else. Plus you have those baboonish folk now; folks are callin’ them snowflakes. Whining babies, but one could fall out of their high chair and do somethin’ stupid. Pard, yuh gotta be ready! Take a glance at that wonderful world of Disney. Ain’t so wonderful anymore with their gay, ‘cuse me, alternative lifestyle agenda.
Let’s finish the pot and get on with the day, what’s say? Just keep that pistol ready, and don’t forget your main weapon–the truth of God’s Word. Come back and sit a spell, I’ll have the pot on. Oh, an’ ‘nother thing–pistol, Bible, calm yourself with a cup of coffee not an’ again, but when yuh mount up, be sure an’ check your cinch!
Vaya con Dios.