Coffee Percs


“We made a fire and cooked up a nice filling breakfast of bacon, beans and biscuits with plenty of coffee, which I had to drink out of a pot.”
–Lou Bradshaw

“A way out west in Texas around the old campfire….yodel-le-ti-hee” sorry pard, with my bootiful singin’ and do a little cloggin’ in the kitchen I didn’t hear you ride up. Just almost beside myself, no more school for eight weeks. It just gets me a little giddy.
Time to regroup some ‘fore the next year comes a-knockin’. Used to be we got three months, but goodness, they keep pullin’ that away. With the one bunch of yahoos I had this year, well, no wonder I’m doin’ a little kitchen clog.
One of these days, instead of singing like Gene around the ol’ campfire, we’ll be singin’ ’round that blazin’ throne in heaven. Don’t know how much cloggin’ will take place. I figure to be so awestruck with the wonder of it all that I’ll just be gazin’. With some of the sights I’ve seen in my life, heaven surely will be grander. Just can’t hardly imagine that with this earthly brain.
More coffee pard? Sure, made my good stuff this mornin’ to celebrate some. One thing, don’t have to drink out of the pot, with these fancy coffee apparatuses with can be what they call sophisticated and drink from a cup. Much better than the pot, or an ol’ tin can.
No politikin’, no philosophyzing, just a mornin’ of jubilee and celebratin’. Lots to sing about, “yodel-le-ti” sorry pard, gettin’ beside myself again. Gray light is about gone, so need to be doin’ somethin’. Let’s be drinkin’ one more cup, and thinkin’ of all the good Lord has done for us.
Hey! Don’t you dare mount up without checkin’ that cinch.

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