Coffee Percs

Hunkered over a fire they watched the coffee water come to a boil.  Then dropped in the grounds.”
–Louis L’AmourCoffee with pot

Nice morning pard, glad you stopped by.  I have the cup on the table and will grab the pot.  Ahhh, sure nice to have morning coffee and listen to the doves.  I wonder if there will be doves where we are movin’?
More stupidity on the news.  How ’bout that apology from the pseudo-comedian?  Craziest apology I’ve ever heard.  She was bullied by the President and they are trying to destroy her.  Sounds like she has been takin’ lesson from Pelosi on stupidity.  Seems to be that it was her own choices that landed her in the position that she finds herself, and know the truth?  This ol’ fence post doesn’t much care.  I sure didn’t see much remorse except the fact that she was moanin’ that her career was over and that she would be homeless.
People really do not think much of their choices, or at least the consequences of their choices.  Maybe it’s part of that entitlement thing with the snowflakes.  Rights, rights, rights, but they don’t care about the consequences or who they hurt.  Then they are appalled when it turns back on them.
Just like now, I could pour you another cup of coffee.  Are you entitled to it, or will I do it because you’re my friend?  The consequences of that action would be positive.  There are always consequences and for some reason there are many out who feel that they are not entitled to any negative ones.  I’ve always said that experience is a good teacher, but the test comes first and the instructions comes afterward. 
Well, ‘nough of my goin’s on.  The day is here and need to get some things done.  You have a good day pard, and be aware of your actions.  Check that cinch, or you could be fallin’ off in a bad place.