Coffee Percs

CampireI think the coffee is a right idea.  We’ll have us a fire, make coffee… .”
–Louis L’Amour  (Kid Rodelo)

Mornin’ there pard, sit down, so I can pour you a cup.  This has been some week, let me tell you.  Say, I was just a-thinkin’–you’ll still come by and visit now and then when I move out to the woods won’t you?  I’m not through sharin’ with you; still some thoughts float through my ol’ gray matter. 
The mournin’ doves are sure makin’ a racket this mornin’, but that’s a good sound compared to the hatred that is aboundin’ in this country.  My goodness, in all my years I’ve never seen so much hatred.  Look on the faces of some people, and that’s from the top like that Pelosi woman down to the person in the street, and all you see is anger and hatred.  Makes me wonder what is goin’ on within their spirit.  Pard, we can’t do much for them, but we sure need to make sure that hatred doesn’t enter our hearts–that’s one of those things that will destroy you and keep you out of those pearly gates.
I need a refill, how ’bout you?  Be right back.  Ahhhh, let me tell you another thing.  I went out to a graduation of a fine arts college.  Man-oh-man, what I didn’t see.  There were a few women there, well, let me just say I’ve seen more cotton in an aspirin bottle than they had on their bodies.  Plus there were some of them alternative people there, and say what you want, they are just plain strange.  Let me just tell you, I know that I don’t fit in with that crowd.  Sure prefer your company.
Oh yeah, saw a bunch of my old friends.  Perhaps you were among that group.  We sat around talkin’ ’bout the old days, and speculated on the future.  It was a good time, plus the food was good and plenty of coffee.  These were folk you could ride the river with–dependable and God’ fearin’.
Besides all of the packin’ and gettin’ things ready, we had our anniversary.  Went out to one of those high-falutin’ places.  It was good fixin’s but I can cook a steak as good as that, and Annie can make the rest of the fixin’s.  An’ the atmosphere–well to tell you the truth pard, it was too uppity for an ol’ fence post like me.
My mercy, I’ve gone on too long for a Saturday.  Like I said, a busy week.  One thing I’m more and more cognizant of (fancy word for me), is that the Lord takes care of us, day-by-day.  Always enjoy your company; watch for obstacles along the trail so keep your gun and Bible ready.
Say, don’t you go a-ridin’ out without checkin’ your cinch!