Coffee Percs

He switched his coffee cup to his left hand while resting his right on the butt of the .44.”
–C. Wayne Winkle

Red and yella, kill a fella! Right in front of where I was walking went an 18-inch coral snake. And me, nothing with me to protect myself; let me tell ya pard, it gave me the willies. I watched it cross and then off into the leaves of the park, and no, I didn’t bother to follow, or come back later and look.
Excitement, but sit down and let’s enjoy our coffee this mornin’. I have a couple of things that seem to be swirlin’ through my head. Help me, will ya if’n you can. Why is it that now, today, people like the “Mouth” Pelosi and others are callin’ for the removal of Southern/Confederate leaders from the capitol when five years ago there was nothin’ wrong with the statue bein’ there? Tell me, why? Another thing, why are extreme folk on the right racist, but extreme folk on the left not? Tell me, why?
I read somethin’ yesterday that I thought very profound, and it will probably have to be some kind of doctor to explain it to this ol’ fence post, but how can some people fit so much stupid into their heads? At least we can sit here in our peaceful, simple state and drink coffee. Sure hope they don’t come up with somethin’ to protest about that.
Let me fill the cup again, and tell you one more stupid thing. Some are applaudin’ Iceland for doin’ away with children with Down Syndrome. Not only stupid but it is a downright atrocity! Abortion! If a child has Down Syndrome they are aborted. What will happen with these folk at the Judgment? Whoooeee!
Now, all that’s said and done, let’s just sit back, enjoy the wonderful mornin’ the Lord has given us and drink our coffee. Over the years, this ol’ fence post has learned a thing or two: no matter what happens, the Lord is in charge! Say, pard, and He’s here sittin’ with us this mornin’, now how ’bout that?
You be watchful on the trail this week. Take a glimpse at that backtrail once in a while, and be shore your gun is ready to fire if need be. Say, and don’t go mountin’ and ridin’ off without checkin’ that cinch first.