Coffee Percs


He drank coffee and stared into the fire lost in thought.  He watched the sparks snap and fly then get drawn up the chimney.”
–Dave P. Fisher

Yah better not stand out there in the rain too long, yu’ll start to look like a prune.  Glad yuh waited a spell before comin’ on over.  With this storm I sorta stay hunkered under the covers a bit longer than normal.  Yep, coffee’s been brewed, hot and strong.  Sure hope things are okay with you and yourn.
Right now we’re just gettin’ some thunder and lightnin’ with some rain.  They say it will rain up through Wednesday.  Guess it just depends on how hard.  Some are thinkin’ it might go back to the Gulf and become a hurricane again.  Best thing to do when nature is stirred is be prepared and ride it out.  
Ahhhh, that’s good coffee.  Sometimes the storms of life are like that as well.  We need to be as prepared as possible but when it finally hits about all we can do sometime is hunker down.  Had a good friend who was goin’ through quite a storm.  I happened to have a little magnet that say, “Sometimes all we can do is hunker down,” and it showed him in the midst of a thunderstorm sitting underneath his horse.  One of my favorite pieces of art shows an ol’ cowpoke in the middle of a heavy rain just sittin’ and holdin’ the reins of his horse, bearin’ with the storm best he could.
One thing for sure, the Lord is with us.  Trust yuh don’t have any emergencies that yuh have to get out, for as most of the time the best action is to just wait it out.  Long as there’s plenty of coffee, and beans on the table we’ll make it.
Try to stay dry now, pard.  Hey, an ifn yuh have to go out, be sure and check yur cinch.  Would hate for yuh to fall off into one of them mud puddles.