Coffee Percs

Well, Pard, we made it in alright.  But one thing really riled me on the trip.  You remember ol’ Davy, the b’ar-hunter from Tennessee?  Yep, the one who sacrificed his life at the Alamo for the freedom of Texas.  I was plumb disturbed to find out that he wasn’t born on a mountaintop in Tennessee.  More like the canebreaks along the Nolichucky River.  Besides the disturbance from finding the truth from the song, it was an enjoyable experience.  They have done an excellent job with the restoration of his birthplace and what life would have been like livin’ on the frontier in the early 1800s.
The trip up from Texas was nice with one very hard rainstorm the Lord allowed to wash all the lovebugs off the jeep.  We were able to find the grave of my great, great, great grandparents Thomas Jefferson and Rebecca Coulter.  It was just off Coulterville Road in the country of Tennessee.  
Yesterday I went to one of my favorite restaurants, the Amish Market and had chipped beef gravy and biscuits, of course with an egg on top.  Then we went to the orchard to pick apples.  So vacation/retirement is going well.  I’ve been enjoying sitting outside in the cool weather, snoozing and reading.  Ahhhh, and drinkin’ coffee.
Speakin’ of good coffee, let me fill your cup up again.  Ahhhh, yep, sure does make the ol’ gizzard quiver in delight.  ‘Nother good thing, no news to listen to or see!  That in itself soothes the gizzard.  All the stupidity put aside for a few days of travelin’ along the trail.  When I travel like that I always think of what it would have been like back in the 1800s.  What it was like for the Coulters travelin’ and settlin’ in Tennessee?
‘Cuse me pard, for gettin’ nostalgic on you.  Not sure what plans are for the day on my end, but don’t want you sittin’ ’round ifn you have things to get done.  Brrr, little cold outside here this mornin’, 51 degrees, but I’m really enjoyin’ it.  You have yourself a good day.  Now, don’t go mountin’ up without checkin’ that cinch.