Coffee Percs

Ten minutes after rising, he had the stove heated and the coffee pot on.”
–C.J. Petit

Come in, come in, put good coffee on this morning.  Feels good out there, 53 degrees here in Germantown, Maryland.  Ahhh, that first cup always hits the spot, but the ones that follow aren’t bad either.  I read where yesterday was National Coffee Day.  That surprised me, for I thought every day was coffee day.  
Say, I’ve got a question for yuh.  Out there is Hollywood on the Walk of Fame there are five categories:  film, television, music, radio, and live performance.  Who is the only person put on the Walk in every category?  A clue, let me sing it, “I’m back in the saddle again…”  Don’t hold yur ears.  It’s our ol’ pard–Gene Autry.  How ’bout that; somethin’ I didn’t know.
“Nother cup?  See, told yuh it was good coffee this mornin’.  I caught my daughter the other day puttin’ some of that sweet stuff in it.  Yuh try and raise them properly…  At least it was just sweetner and not that flavored cream–that almost makes my ol’ gizzard flip thinkin’ ’bout it.  But we went to the Amish Market again; that’s my favorite place to eat up here.  There’s a refreshin’ atmosphere there, and no it’s not outside.  Very busy, but friendly, and courteous.  The waitress wrote on the back of our check, “Jesus Loves You.”  I made sure I grabbed her on the way out and told her, that He loves her too.  Things like that just help to make a person’s day; at least it did this ol’ fence post.  Somethin’ positive, instead of all the junk and lies the media throws our way!
On the way to the Market a fox ran out in front of the car.  Rare to see them with so many people livin’ near.  Guess even in the middle of this postmodern, enlightened civilization there are still some throwbacks from the ol’ days.  And on my walk yesterday, a nice, 4-point buck came out of the woods in front of me.  I haven’t seen that big un that I saw a couple weeks ago again.
You be sure and have a good week.  We’ll be headin’ back to Texas in a spell; yuh better be lookin’ for us.  Go out there an’ ride tall in the saddle, but before yuh sit up there, be sure an’ check yur cinch.