Coffee Percs

For a few minutes we sat across the desk drinking coffee and trying not to appear greedy by taking more than our own share of the pie.”
–Lou Bradshaw

“Christmas times a-comin’….Hear those bells, ringin’, ringin….” Welcome pard, yuh caught me in a moment of merriment. I’ve got the coffee on, only we don’t have to worry ’bout fightin’ over the last piece of pie ’cause their ain’t none. Sure hope you had a good week. Did you get all yur shoppin’ finished?
I wonder sometimes, well, quite often really, ’bout some of the craziness and foolishness that come down through the media. Saw yesterday where a family of four have declared themselves the first all trans-gendered family. When I see things like that I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or grab them and slap them silly, which they already are. I was reading about Noah and the Scripture that says that men were doin’ evil continually. We’re gettin’ close to that now.
But put all that junk aside, and drink down that coffee, there’s a full pot just waitin’ to be emptied. Say, have you seen ol’ technology from the American Indian to forecast the weather? I’m sure you have, if the rock is white it is snowing, if wet raining, and so on. Well, I just found out that the weather bureau does check with Indians about the severity of the winter. It seems the chief of the tribe contacted the weather bureau and asked if the winter was supposed to be cold and he was informed it was. The chief went to the elders and told them to start collecting firewood. A month later the chief again called the bureau and asked once more. He was informed that it would be a very harsh winter. The chief again goes back to his tribe to tell them to gather even more wood. Just before winter actually started to set in the chief called one more time. This time he asked the person at the weather service how he could be so sure that it was goin’ to be a harsh winter. The weatherman replied, “Because all the Indians in the region are collectin’ wood like crazy.”
“Christmas times a-comin'” now yuh didn’t groan with that story did yuh? Hope yuh are able to stay warm, not only durin’ Christmas but the whole winter. More important that yuh stay warm in yur soul. One way to do that is to make sure yuh check yur cinch.