Coffee Percs

The coffee was boiling and the bacon was sizzling when I heard him rustling around and trying to clear his throat.”
–Lou Bradshaw

Come on in pard, my voice is kinda raspy, and I’m a little under-the-weather, but I’ve the feelin’ of merriment. Join with me, and let ‘er rip. “Every promise in the book is mine!” Yeehaw, you better believe it, now unwind some, “Every chapter, every verse, every line,” sure as that’s coffee in yur cup. Really cut loose now, don’t be a-worryin’, there’s no horses in this kitchen to stampede, “I’m trusting in His love divine,” oooooweeeee, makes me almost want to clog in the kitchen! “Every promise in the book is mine.”
Well, pard, yuh didn’t sound too bad. I’m afraid if I start cuttin’ loose like you can the nails will start shimmying out and the house might fall down. Isn’t the words of that ol’ Sunday School song amazin’? Just ponder it while I fill yur cup again. Nothin’ happens to us that is not under the care of His love. Think of that! Even when we mess things up, His love is still constant and we might have to drop our heads as we come before Him for forgiveness, but we know that He is faithful.
That’s one reason I don’t fret the politicians. The ol’ sourpusses! I don’t fret Wall Street; that greedy bunch. I trust in the promises of His Word. No, no, pard, not in a mumble-jumble magical way. It’s not abra-cadabra and poof I’m in the money. No, it’s where you learn to trust Him in meager times and in times of plenty. “Every promise in the book is mine,” yeehaw!
You have His Word, which contains His promises, and a full cup of hot, strong coffee; the only thing missin’ might be a piece of pie, but I’m feelin’ good. You have yourself a good week! Don’t go mountin’ up without checkin’ that cinch.