Coffee Percs

He drank his coffee black. The heat of it jolted him a little, it pulled him out of a deep hole.”
–Ernest Haycox (Trouble Shooter)

Mornin’ to yuh, my friends. Rain again, can’t do anything about it, so might as well just sit a spell an’ enjoy some coffee. Hope the ol’ bug hasn’t hit your house. Sure has done a number with everyone here. Kim has escaped it, good thing, but even Shauna and Garrett were laid low with it. Hopefully, we’re all on the mend.
Did yuh happen to watch any of the openin’ ceremonies to the Olympics? Catch the expression of the North Korean delegate who just happened to be sittin’ behind our Vice President? I wonder, if she were honest with herself, what was going through her mind?
Ahhh, let it rain, the coffee sure is good. Refill? Have you picked up on the theme of many of the commercials? Go for your dream. It’s out there go for it. Give me a break! I don’t have a problem with someone with a legitimate dream, but some folk are just unrealistic. Pard, I reckon what bothers me is that Christian folk will say they have a dream. Okay, I can handle that to an extent. But is it theirs or did it come from the Lord? If it is a legitimate dream, what are they doin’ about it? There’s one thing that must go with a dream–hard work. Now that’s almost an archaic thought.
I’m gettin’ ‘nother cup, want one? Maybe the weather is gettin’ to these ol’ bones. But dreamers have a responsibility to work for their dream to come true. It is not hocus-pocus, or a gift from the government or a boss. There is time, effort, and probably some sweat, blood, and tears that go in the fulfillment of a dream. There’s a lot of talk about “dreamers” today; most of it is wanting a free gift and handout.
My mercy! Cup’s empty ‘long with the pot. That means you’ll be a-headin’ on down the road. Be sure to stay warm an’ dry. Don’t be out there lookin’ for that there “bug.” In this weather, I don’t care if it’s rainin’ or snowin’, you have to check that cinch.