Coffee Percs

He released his hammer, slid his pistol into his holster, then stepped to the stove, poured himself a cup of coffee and took his customary seat in the corner.”
–C.J. Petit (Alex Paine)

Come on in, pard. Hope the weather’s fine where you’re at, sure been nice for the beginning of March in East Texas. Ahhh, the coffee sure does make the gizzard smile this mornin’. Pard, there’s just somethin’ I can’t figure out. Since I’ve left the workin’ world, it seems like I can’t get all the things done that I plan each day. Most of them aren’t all that important and can be put off, but I surely thought that things would slow down a bit since I supposed to be sittin’ back in the ol’ rockin’ chair enjoyin’ my retirement. Now, now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure enjoyin’ it, just ain’t getting everything done; maybe I could make my list shorter.
Let me tell yuh one thing I’m convinced of–this world is gettin’ crazier by the day! How ’bout that Texas state wrestlin’ champ. It/she/he was a transgender who wrestled with the girls and won. When the world gets confused about who or what they are it’s in a sorry, sad shape. Changin’ the truth for a lie. Just a minute, cup’s empty; very few things worse than an empty coffee cup. Let me continue my rantin’. Ever notice that those that call for peace and love are the ones that are the least tolerant and force yuh to pack yur pistol? Instead of love, hatred abounds. ‘Nother thing for sure if you pay any mind to those talk shows–they are so dumb and cheap, but the truth of the matter is that you can’t insult arrogance.
Think my wife has the flu. No, she’s not shiverin’ with a fever, but sure is hackin’ with a cough. Yuh know, in the ol’ days we had to depend on home remedies. Some worked, others not so well. I was readin’ about a man with the ague and his ol’ pard came to visit him with a cure. Put the coffee on to boil and when it was ready told the friend to drink it fast, which he did. No one knows the end of the story. The friend has strained the coffee through red hot peppers. Not to worry yuh pard, ifn yur sick I might come an’ make yuh coffee, but I won’t be filterin’ it with pepper.
As the week approaches, yuh go at it with the strength and care of the Lord. That’s the answer to the peace and love the world craves, but they don’t want to see the truth. Keep that gun oiled and handy an’ get yur eyes into the Bible; it’ll help you in the days to come.
I know yur week will probably be busy, but don’t go mountin’ up without checkin’ yur cinch.