Coffee Percs

In the short days he woke in the dark at exactly half-past four. He started a fire in the bunkhouse stove, and set coffee on.”
–Alan Lemay (The Searchers)

Get in here an’ set yourself at the table, pard. Cup’s already there waitin’ for you and I’ll have the coffee before your set down. Don’t be frettin’, no more of that grog, but I have the genuine article–Arbuckles Ariosa coffee from way over in Tucson, Arizona. That should make your gizzard smile.
Speaking of smilin’ gizzards, mind sure is doin’ better since I let go of gettin’ all frizzled up over the news. This poll, that poll, and which is the truth? Who and where do they poll? More and more I can see the “father of lies” at work. An’ the lies! They’re gettin’ bigger and bigger and more people are believin’ them. Yep, a day of deception is at hand, and I’m not talkin’ political parties.
Ahhh, now that’s good coffee! To tell the truth, pard, I had trouble drinkin’ that Hawaiian with the coconut. Drank only one cup rather than half the pot. Read about an ol’ camp cook; he used to ride up the trails. Today his name wouldn’t be politically correct, but it was “Sambo”. Sambo always used Arbuckles. He would use half a pound can for a pot of coffee. One cowboy mentioned to him, “You made that coffee strong just for us.” Sambo shook his head “no.” The cowboy then asked, “Well why do you make it that way?” To which Sambo replied, “I use a half can because it’s easier to figure.”
Next week pard, is the week of the passion. Take time every day to think of that period in the life of Jesus an’ what He went an’ did for us. None of us is goin’ to make it out of this world alive, ‘ceptin’ the Rapture, an’ the older I get the more I realize that to stand in front of that Judgment Seat, I have to depend upon the grace of Christ.
You know, from what I read of those days, the Lord surely did tighten His cinch–don’t you forget to do the same.