Coffee Percs

“We sat and talked, drank coffee and ate frijoles, tortillas, and beef, and speculated on tomorrow.”      –Louis L’Amour

Come in an throw yur ankles under the table; coffee’s hot and strong. Trust you had a good week. Did yuh learn anything new? Wife and I finally took a day trip and went to Gonzales and Cuero. Yep, good time. We went to see the Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum. Worth the trip, then we found a little Mexican hole-in-the-way place to eat. Pard, they had some good enchiladas and they make their own hot sauce. The ol’ gizzard was in pure delight.
That just goes to show yuh tha things aren’t always as they look. The old sayin’ “don’t judge a book by its cover” rang true in this case. Some things that are all prettiful and downright ugly when yuh get inside and the reverse is true as well. In fact, we was talkin’ ’bout that the other day. A person can go into one of those high flautin’ eatin’ places and the food is stylish but come right down to it, hardly anything beats roast beef and potatoes, ‘specially if it is BBQ.
Here’s another piece of advice, and the Scriptures bear it out. Oops, let me fill that cup. Did I see yuh sneak in a spoon of sugar? Come on pard, not gettin’ soft are yuh? Daughter uses honey, but then I can abide with that, she’s a girl. Back to my sayin’, plan for tomorrow, but don’t go frettin’ it. I know the politikin’ and elections sure can throw the bile in yur stomach, but just be ready. Ain’t the Lord in charge after all?
Have to get gussied up later, so things need to be done this mornin’. Yep, wedding to attend. Don’t yuh fret none, I don’t plan to ride unless I check my cinch first.

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