Coffee Percs

It was still cold and dark as the boys crawled from under their blankets and squatted round the fire to eat jerky, biscuits and gravy, and to drink cupfuls of hot, black coffee.”
           –William MacLeod Raine  (Wyoming)

Mornin’ pard, yep, it’s graylight.  I know that you have to get things done, but come on inside for a cup.  Busy week, and my legs are sure feelin’ it.  Sure hopin’ that one of these days you can join me for coffee at the new homestead.  Keep waitin’ for electricity.  Ain’t it somethin’ how we depend on things like that?  If the grid ever does go down, most will be in a real fix.  Hmmm, makes me wonder if folk are too comfortable in their relationship with the Lord.  Wonder what will happen if the spiritual grid would go down, or up in the case of the rapture.
    We lost a good lady this week–Barbara Bush.  Sometimes we have idiots out there; I think they just wait for events to show their stupidity.  Some college professor, remember she is supposed to have some form of intelligence, said the day after Mrs. Bush passed on that she was a racist and raised a war criminal.  Someone needs to teach her some manners.
    I played in some cold baseball games in my life while growing up.  Sure, we might complain, but we wanted to play.  But I saw where the Cubs, and I can’t remember the team they were playing, were complainin’ the other day that their game didn’t get canceled.  It was too cold.  What I think is some of the players would miss their appointment at the manicurist.  Ol’ Ernie Banks was rolling over in his grave; he would be sayin’, “let’s play two.”  Can you imagine the prima donnas of today’s game playin’ doubleheaders?  My gracious, it would take too much energy.
    I read something this week that has me just perplexed.  Maybe you know the answer, ‘specially if you’re a math whiz. Why do pizzas come in square boxes, made as circles, and eaten as triangles?  Ahh, the coffee sure is good this morning–hot, strong, an’ black.  Even in retirement, life seems to be goin’ by at a terrific rate’ just can’t seem to get everything done that I want done each day.  Yuh don’t suppose it has anything to do with age?  Maybe I need to slow down some when I go ’round the turns.
    You be checkin’ that cinch when you go out this comin’ week.  See yuh pard.