Coffee Percs

He got his bedroll out and as he lay there, sipping hot coffee, he thought about all that had happened up to now.”
              –Robert J. Thomas  (The Reckoning)

Yep, you saw right, the ol’ silver stage is ready to roll.  The wife is ridin’ shotgun with me as we travel up to north Texas.  We’ll be ready to roll as soon as we have our coffee.
    It was a pretty good week.  I was treated like a king, well, maybe just a duke, but whichever, it was mighty fine.  Nice to have a birthday!  Yuh know what it means to not have one, don’t yuh?  Even had a piece, or a few pieces of apple pie.  Annie made apple pie instead of cake for my birthday; let me tell yuh, pard, it was mighty tasty.  
    On a more somber note, went to the funeral of an ol’ friend.  I’m just a few days older than he was; goes to show you that one never knows when the good Lord is goin’ to call you home.  But there is some comfort there as it is “home.”  
    Go ahead, pour yurself another cup.  We’re buildin’ a house down here, and with the help of Annie it will become a home, but that is still temporary.  We’ve lived in several places down here, but there will be that day when none of us will ever move again.  Plus there is the added fact that the contractor of our permanent home can be fully trusted.  I’m beginnin’ to understand why the Lord was a carpenter while down here on earth.  It gave him practice for our heavenly abode.
    Hopefully in a few weeks, yuh can enjoy a Perc that I’ve sent from the new homestead.  Mercy, pard, we finished that pot in a hurry; guess yuh understood that I need to be hittin’ the trail.  
    Sure is easy to ponder the things of the past, sittin’ here, sippin’ coffee.  Yuh hear all sorts of smart-folk out there sayin’ that we shouldn’t look back, but then what are memories for?  Fact is pard, yuh ain’t suppose to live in the past, nor dwell in it, but to learn from it, and let some of those folk who crossed yur trail bring a smile to yur face.
    We’re ridin’ in the ol’ silver stage, but that don’t mean you shouldn’t be checkin’ your cinch when you mount up to leave.