Coffee Percs

In the kitchen, he poured a cup of still-hot coffee, then strode back out to the rocking chair he often sat in on the porch.”
              –C. Wayne Winkle  (Frank Bannon–The Fixer)

Good to see yuh this mornin’ pard.  I was out on the trail last weekend and missed our little rendezvous.  Ate breakfast with some ol’ saddlepards in San Antonio.  But, this mornin’, the coffee’s ready, hot, black and strong.  Even if yur ol’ starter is gettin’ harder to start this will sure be helpin’ it along.
    I had to “hop upon my pony an’ ride away down the trail to San Antone” twice last week.  Went over last weekend as you know since we missed gettin’ together, but then the wife and I went and pulled the rest of our belongin’s from storage.  That sort of shut the last chapter of our experience in San Antonio.  The friendships and memories are still there, but everything else is moved out.  Now, if only the new abode was finished.  Doesn’t need much for us to be movin’ in. Can’t wait for the time I can move on out to the porch to enjoy my coffee.  Hopefully, anyday now, at least by Christmas.
    It’s time for me to be gettin’ back to writin’ and studyin’.  I’ve a few chapters written in a new book, but need to do some research and my books have all been packed.  There’s a nice place for us to sit back and enjoy the quietness of God’s great cathedral and ponder His wondrous works.  This world, despite all the terror, is charged with the grandeur of God.  I may not be in the mountains, but I’ll be in the woods.  I want to hear again, the sounds of silence.
    Goodness, we finished that pot and I didn’t even realize it.  Guess that means you’ll be wanderin’ out down the trail.  I came across some good words last week.  I think that we often take things for granted, and that’s not necessarily wrong for there are some things a person just counts on.  But the words were by Joseph Alleine, “Let us live this one day well.”  No matter what happens this is the day the Lord has made–rejoice in it.
    Hold on, pard.  It might not all be well, if’n yuh don’t check that cinch before mountin’ up.