Echoes From the Campfire

Funny how folks who are supposed to be Christian can at times look like the devil.”
                    –D.C. Adkisson  (Walker)

       “God’s Spirit specifically tells us that in later days there will be men who abandon the true faith and allow themselves to be spiritually seduced by teachings of the devil, teachings given by men who are lying hypocrites, whose consciences are as dead as seared flesh.”

                    –1 Timothy 4:1-2 (Phillips)
                    “We are living in an age, in a generation, when men and women are deliberately sinning, deliberately flouting all that is moral and good and clean and pure and uplifting, deliberately setting themselves out to sin, putting their backs into it, as it were ‘drawing iniquity unto themselves’, in sit of all that they have as a moral heritage.”
                                   –D. Martyn Lloyd Jones

       A few weeks ago I wrote from Isaiah 5 concerning the first two woes.  Remember them?   Judgment will come because of the first woe:  materialism and worldliness, those who are interested in material possessions and a worldly lifestyle.   The second woe of judgment is:  intemperance with regard to pleasure; men and women drunk on pleasure and live for it.

                  “Woe to those who draw iniquity with cords of vanity, And sin as if with a cart rope.”
                                   –Isaiah 5:18(NKJV)

We are in a continuous state of crisis.  If it is not the virus then it’s the vaccine.  If it’s not a trial run by corrupt prosecutors, then it’s a liberal judge releasing criminals.  Then there is the border situation, the problems with voting.  BLM promising to burn down a town.  Crisis, after crisis, after crisis!  And that is not to mention the troubles with other nations and the threats of war.  Who can you trust?  The government?  Dr. Fauci?  President Biden?  For that matter any politician, lawyer, loan officer, or car salesman?
       Notice this verse is speaking of those who are involved in the deliberate, willful element of sin.  They are “drawing iniquity.”  This is not accidental or a sin of ignorance.  It is not done because of temptation, but they were preparing themselves to sin and making provision for it.  This people “were not living in the darkness of paganism; they were not unenlightened…they were going out of their way to do the very things that they had been taught not to do.  They were defying the great moral teaching of which they were heirs.” (Lloyd-Jones)
       These people were used to a certain moral standard, but they were mocking it and laughing at it–they were drawing iniquity to themselves.  Too many Christians are involved in this malady today.  They have become involved with the world system.  They do not recognize or do not want to recognize that the world is under the power of the evil one–the devil.  Phooey, they scoff at the thought of a mystical, unseen, spiritual world.  That is just not “woke.”  Oh, but are they drawing iniquity to themselves?
       A friend of mine wrote in his blog, “Elisha understood the reality of powerful, unseen spiritual forces.” (David Jeremiah Study Bible).  Oh, that we had the eyes of Elisha; that we had the understanding of Elisha.  Perhaps the Lord is shaking His head saying, “Having eyes, do you not see? And having ears, do you not hear? And do you not remember?
(Mark 8:18, NKJV)  Friends you need to understand that there are forces working in this evil world that we do not see or understand.  Terrible, evil, wicked forces that seek to undermine the Kingdom of God.  Do not join them.