Echoes From the Campfire

It is never a pleasure to see a ‘For Sale’ sign in a man’s eyes.”
              –Luke Short  (Saddle By Starlight)

    “But Jesus told him, ‘Anyone who puts a hand to the plow and then looks back is not fit for the Kingdom of God.'”
              –Luke 9:62 (NLT)
         “These are the days of great trials
          Of famine and darkness and sword…”
                     –Robin Mark

Some of the signs of the end are famine, trials, pestilence, earthquakes, war, and that there will be a great falling away.  Yes, a great revival will occur and is occurring throughout the world, but the falling away is what alarms me.  People will say, “Where is God?” or “There is no God”.  There will be scoffers and scorners in the last days.  
    I read the other day that only nine percent of white millennials go to church or believe in the Bible.  Now, if that isn’t a great falling away, I don’t know what to call it.  Darkness isn’t always physical.  It may be a darkness of soul, or the pervading attitude of evil permeating the land.  Man cries that he is more enlightened now than ever, however, in reality there is actually more darkness.
    California is proposing a law making the Bible illegal.  GQ has said that the Bible is obsolete, archaic, and not worth the reading.  Challenges to the Word of God are rampant–that is a sign of “falling away”, a sign of darkness.
    But in this time, the job of the Christian is to be “light” and “salt” unto the world.  They are to live above the world, not be partakers of it.  When Christians begin to enjoy the pleasures and those things that were once considered sin are not practiced, then that is a great falling away.  There are true believers who are forsaking the things of the world and turning wholeheartedly to Christ.  There is a revival of the true Church.

         “Still we are the voice in the desert crying
          Prepare ye the way of the Lord!”
                    –Robin Mark

    The Lord is coming, are you ready?  Are you prepared to meet Him in the air?  Are you ready to forsake the things of this world?  Are you involved with preparing the way of the Lord?  Soon the trumpet will sound, the earth will shake, and heavens gates will open for those who believe and are ready for His appearing.

         “Behold, He comes,
          Riding on the clouds,
          Shining like the sun
          At the trumpet’s call…”
                    –Robin Mark