Echoes From the Campfire

You must live your life.  Make it worth while.  Every man, every woman has a burden.  Lift yours cheerfully and begin to climb…  Love those with whom fate has placed you.  And fight–fight the dark moods, the selfish thoughts, the hateful memories!  Work…love.”
              –Zane Grey  (Wanderer of the Wasteland)

    “And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.”
              –Philippians 4:8  (NLT)
         “My hair’s falling out and my teeth are too
          I’ve had a double by-pass, and my hips are new
          But I won’t complain or make any noise
          Since I caught pneumonia and I lost my voice
          Things are bad but I’m convinced
          I’m in pretty good shape, for the shape I’m in.

          My car won’t start and I lost my job
          There’s a lien on my house and fleas on my dog
          I’d mow the grass but my lawnmower’s broke
          I’d pray for rain but my roof’s too old
          Times are tough but it beats where I’ve been
          I’m in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in.

                 For the shape I’m in, ain’t no big thing
                 As long as I can breathe my heart will sing
                 With a smile on my face and a peace within
                 I’m in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in.”
                           –Clifton Jansky

Now that ol’ boy has some problems.  I know with age there come a myriad of additional problems, but this fellow seems to have them come upon him all at once.  Maybe that’s good; get it over with.  I heard of another man, rodeo rider, whose mechanic and doctor formed a partnership.  Yep, some folk sure have it rough.
    That goes to show you that you don’t take any day for granted.  I sure don’t since June, three years ago.  The ol’ ticker took a smash, but since then I’m in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in.  I’ve always know it–the Lord knows the day and hour that He will call us, but I now have a different perspective on it.
    We need to be ready all the time, for anything that might come our way.  It may be one of the calamities above or it may be the time we lay at death’s door.  Therefore, Solomon wrote, “Let your clothes be white all the time, and let not oil be lacking on your head.” (Ecclesiastes 9:8, NASB)