Echoes From the Campfire

If he’s broken his word, he’ll pay for it, like a man pays for everything he does.”
              –Luke Short  (Ramrod)

    “Those who lead blameless lives and do what is right, speaking the truth from sincere hearts.”     
              –Psalm 15:2 (NLT)
Another good thought from Lois A. Cheney’s book, “God Is No Fool.”  Better ponder this one!

          A boy cheated on a test, He got a good grade on the test, And passed the course.
          He told his friends, ‘I had no choice.’

          As a man he took a job that denied another need but the money was good and he had his family to think of,
          And he told a friend, ‘I had no choice.’

          The man denied his calling and chose a different role and it made him quite famous and he bacame well thought of,
          He told a friend, ‘I had no choice.’

          The man reviewed his life before God, the Almighty God.  He shrugged his shoulders as he told God, ‘I had no choice.’

          And God said as he turned his back and walked away from the astonished man,
          ‘I have no choice.'”

Choices are always before us; some of them small, and some of them carry great consequences.  Even by not making a choice you are making a choice.  Remember, if you do not make your own choices someone will make them for you.
    One other little thought–do not deny your calling!
Take time for a little grin (from Grandpa Was a Preacher, by Leroy Brownlow)
    “You shouldn’t expect much for nearly nothing,” preached grandpa.  He said that a family, upon returning home from church, began their devistating criticisms.  The mother objected to the sermon.  The father ridiculed the ushers, The older sister made light of the singing.  But it was little Eddie that tore them up when he said, ‘Still it was a pretty good show for a dime.'”