Echoes From the Campfire

The disposition of Providence is not to be questioned.  One prays and follows the light of conscience.”
              –Ernest Haycox  (Whispering Range)

    “Yet I will rejoice in the Lord! I will be joyful in the God of my salvation!”
              –Habakkuk 3:18 (NLT)
Surely there are many things we do not understand.  Is it wrong to question the Lord?  No, but He might say, “I’ve already answered that–read My Word.”  Or He may be completely silent about it, after all He is sovereign and that means He is in charge.
    Instead we are to follow the Word that He has given us.  That’s hard to do if a person never reads it, much less studies it.  When we follow the Word the Holy Spirit guides us into the Way that we are to go.  The more of the Word we have in us, the more the Holy Spirit is able to guide and speak to us.
    So many say today that they want a relationship with God.  They say that Christianity is not a religion it is a relationship.  Yet do they really know God?  The number one reason that people go to church today is for fellowship.  That’s not bad, but fellowship with God or fellowship with man?
    D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones asks some pertinent questions for those who truly want a fellowship/relationship with God.  See how well you can answer these questions:
        “What exactly is your relationship to God?
         Can you say that you know God?
         Is He real to you?
         Is He personal to you?
         When you say your prayers, are you conscious that God is there and that He is listening to you?
         Have you got a filial affection with respect to God in your heart?
         Do you know for certain that you are in contact and in communion with Him?
         When you turn to Him in prayer about any question whatsoever, do you do so with confidence?
         Do you feel that the access is free and easy, that it is open and that you really are speaking to God in a personal sense?
If you can say “yes” then you know what I mean by fellowship with God.”
    The Holy Spirit is with us in the same way that Jesus was with the twelve.  He is there to commune with us, to guide us, to walk beside us, to be that Friend in whom we can completely trust.