Echoes From the Campfire

It would not do to dream—at least not until he had settled things with himself.  Rock always went to the loneliness and silence of desert or forest when in any kind of trouble.”
              –Zane Grey  (Sunset Pass)

    “Therefore My people shall know My name; Therefore they shall know in that day That I am He who speaks:  ‘Behold, it is I.'”
              –Isaiah 52:6 (NKJV)
Today we will finish looking at Psalm 18 (HCSB).  I would suggest after you meditate on today’s portion of Psalm 18 that you go back and look at the Psalm in one large picture.  Give careful consideration to the thoughts and situation of David.  We do not have to worry–God is in control!  Though the world rages against you, and more and more this is becoming evident, we can go to the Rock of our salvation!  Don’t hurry, linger and listen to the Holy Spirit.

    37 – I pursue my enemies and overtake them; I do not turn back until they are wiped out.
    38 – I crush them, and they cannot get up; they fall beneath my feet.
    39 – You have clothed me with strength for battle; You subdue my adversaries beneath me.
    40 – You have made my enemies retreat before me; I annihilate those who hate me.
    41 – They cry for help, but there is no one to save them—they cry to the Lord, but He does not answer them.
    42 – I pulverize them like dust before the wind; I trample them like mud in the streets.
    43 – You have freed me from the feuds among the people; You have appointed me the head of nations; a people I had not known serve me.
    44 – Foreigners submit to me grudgingly; as soon as they hear, they obey me.
    45 – Foreigners lose heart and come trembling from their fortifications.
    46 – The Lord lives—may my rock be praised! The God of my salvation is exalted.
    47 – God—He gives me vengeance and subdues peoples under me.
    48 – He frees me from my enemies.  You exalt me above my adversaries; You rescue me from violent men.
    49 – Therefore I will praise You, Yahweh, among the nations; I will sing about Your name.
    50 – He gives great victories to His king; He shows loyalty to His anointed, to David and his descendants forever.

I see three things in these verses.  I see the warrior-king David, fighting as he had never fought before.  Then I see what we are to do in our spiritual battles.  Look carefully.  We are to chase our “spiritual enemies” until they are conquered.  Usually we think that they try to conquer us and are chasing us.  We need to be on the offensive against spiritual foes.  Third, I see it as a prophecy when Jesus returns to rule as King during the Millennium.
    How does your uniform fit?  I don’t care how many churches and people preach about peace and harmony; it’s not going to happen.  The world system is against you!  Read and study 1 John.  This world wants to destroy you for you are part of the kingdom of God.  That’s why the Lord gave us a uniform to wear.  He also gave us weapons to use.  A person doesn’t need weapons nor to be trained in their use, if it is all about peace and harmony.  We are to be trained and equipped to fight the foe (cf, Ephesians 6).
    One thing a soldier learns is persistence.  Drill, drill, drill–train, more training, then more training…  Why?  Because you never know when the attack will come.  Do not fear the battle though it may rage.  The Lord is a living Rock that will withstand any attack the enemy may throw you way.  Remember, the Holy Spirit lives within you.

              “O safe to the Rock that is higher than I,
               My soul in its conflicts and sorrows would fly;
               So sinful, so weary, thine, thine would I be;
               Thou blest ‘Rock of Ages,’ I’m hiding in thee.”
                        –William O. Cushing

    I came across a wonderful prayer by George O. Wood.  Read this portion of Psalm 18 again, then add these words to your prayer.  “Lord, with David I realize the outcome is in Your hands.  Teach me when, where, and how to hide; but, also when to emerge from refuge to engage the enemies whose strength is greater than my own.  In You, I am more than a conqueror.”
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