Echoes From the Campfire

How terrifying to think of one small soul alone with the Creator—not alone as in prayer, but mute, voiceless, waiting for His word!”
              –Zane Grey  (Captive of the Desert)

       “Against You, You only, have I sinned, And done this evil in Your sight— That You may be found just when You speak, And blameless when You judge.”
              –Psalm 51:4 (NKJV)
         “I come to the Garden alone,
          While the dew is still on the roses…”
                 –C. Austin Miles

This song speaks about believers today and the relationship they can have with Christ, but for a minute think about that first Garden experience.  Adam, created perfectly, then Eve who was given to walk by his side.  They could wander throughout the Garden, not having to worry about stepping on thorns or thistles.  
    How did they worship?  One way was by having communion with the Lord in the cool of the evening.  They walked together, talked with each other, enjoying one another’s presence.  The other way they worshiped was by loving God with their will.  We are told in Scripture to worship the Lord, love Him, with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength.  The will of man is part of his soul.  One worships or loves God through his will by obedience.  Isn’t it interesting that Satan attacked man in the areas of his mind and his will.
    For some reason, the devil came into the Garden.  Perhaps he envied the happiness of man.  One of the first things he did was to begin to commune with Eve.  We do not know how long they were in the Garden, nor do we know if the “serpent” had approached them before.  We do know that Eve began to have conversation with him.  Somehow he broke her guard down, questioning the very word of God, and she ate of the only thing that was forbidden.  Her mind gave in to his deceptive words; her will broke down and she ate then gave to Adam and he ate.
    Imagine it, Eve and Adam walking in the Garden.  Were they together when the serpent appeared.  Possibly, for sure Adam was not far away, but the devil talked with Eve first.  The serpent slandered God in front of Eve.  Perhaps he had the fruit in his hands and was taking a bite, the juice running down off his chin, and he was making slurping noises as he bit into it.  But it made her want a bite and made her question God.
    Then it happened, she took a bite and gave to Adam and he did the same.  I wondered if she felt remorse or not until he took a bite?  One thing for sure, they both found God to be true to His Word.  They saw their “nakedness”; the glory of God departed from them, and when He came looking for them later, they hid.  They tried in their own fashion to cover their nakedness.  They did not flee to God for mercy, instead, they hid themselves.  When God called out, Adam became afraid.  
    God compels no man to sin.  The choice is always man.  He can love God with his will or he can choose to follow his own inclinations.  We can be tempted by the devil or by our own hearts, but consent only comes with the concurrence of our own wills.  God is concerned over our acts of disobedience.  He had to carry out His threat with justice or the devil might slander Him, but He did it in a way that provided mercy.  Jesus would come, the Lamb to be slain for the sins of man.
    Let me leave you with something to ponder.  God left Eve with a promise that her seed would destroy the head of the serpent.  Did Eve wonder, with the birth of Cain, that he was to be this promised seed?  Hmmm, Cain, the promised Messiah?  If so, she was soon proven wrong.