Echoes From the Campfire

Christmas is a time when you get homesick–even when you’re home.”
             –Carol Nelson

    “You will have joy and gladness, and many will rejoice at his birth.”
             –Luke 1:14 (NASB)
I hope that the struggle of the week has not been hard for you.  One more day and then the weekend, but then, you’ll be caught up in the busyness of the season.  So, this morning, for a moment take time to sip your coffee and read this thought.  I’m not much into poetry, but I do like the works of Bruce Kiskaddon.  This is one of my favorites.

         I liked the way we used to do,
            when cattle was plenty and folks were few.
         The people gathered frum far and near, and
            they barbequed a big fat steer.
         The kids tried stayin’ awake because,
            they reckoned they might ketch Santa Claus.
         Next mornin’ you’d wake ’em up to see,
            what he’d been and put on the Christmas tree.

         It was Christmas then fer the rich and pore,
            and every ranch was an open door.
         The waddy that came on a company hoss
            was treated the same as the owner and boss.
         Nobody seemed to have a care,
            you was among friends or you wasn’t there.
         For every feller in them days knew
            to behave hisself as a man should do.

         Some had new boots, which they’d shore admire
            when they warmed their feet in front of the fire.
         And the wimmin folks had new clothes too,
            but not like the wimmin of these days do.
         Sometimes a drifter came riding in,
            some feller that never was seen agin.
         And each Christmas day as the years went on
            we used to wonder where they’d gone.

         I like to recall the Christmas night.
            The tops of the mountains capped with white.
         The stars so bright they seemed to blaze,
            and the foothills swum in a sliver haze.
         Them good old days in past and gone.
            The time and the world and the change does on.
         And you cain’t do things like you used to do
            when cattle was plenty and folks was few.

    By the way, have you been outside to gaze at the stars and the bright moon the past few nights? Ahh, to stand in the briskness and gaze at the heavens.  It was much easier in days past before cities grew and their lights dimmed the depth of the sky.  
    So, sometime during this wonderful season, take time to rest and relax in the Lord.  Sip some coffee, look at the full moon or as it begins to wane.  Think of the Lord, resolve to simplify your life, and commune with Him more fully.  There are many things you can’t do like you used to, but there are some–some that help you commune more with friends and family, more to bring the true values into your life during this time of the year, more to help you commune with the Almighty.