Echoes From the Campfire

Our hearts were beating together, our blood pulsing together, our faces touched by the gentle hand of the same wind.”
              –Louis L’Amour  (Silver Canyon)

    “I am my beloved’s, And his desire is for me.”
              –Song of Solomon 7:10(NASB)
Along this trail called “LIFE” there is a time when a person comes across what is known as “love.”  We have some foolish notions about this thing called love:  folks fall in and out of love, vows made to each other don’t mean much any more, yet they should be the things that bind two people together.  Couples make prenuptial agreements, a contract, just in case.  They have a written contract that is more binding than the vows at the altar–crazy.
    Last Friday was a day of flowers, chocolates, and candlelight dinners, and pity the poor man who forgets any of those.  Then I look at them, and I say if those things represent love we are a poor person.  Yet, there are things that have become symbols of love.  However, it is a real shame if the only time of the year you bring your sweetie flowers or sweets is on Valentines.
    Sure there is young love, what might be called “romantic love,” the love of the heart palpitating with those giddy thoughts toward the person who is loved.  But what is more important than flowers or chocolate is what is expressed above–“hearts beating together” as one for in truth the marriage represents that two have indeed become one.
    A man wants a woman’s hand to hold as they go through the trials of life.  He wants a soothing hand to cool his feverish brow; he wants soft hands to hold and nurture their children; he wants capable hands to work accomplishing the daily chores of life.  Ah, but society and modern culture is trying to change all of this.
    Perhaps the days are gone when a man was a man and women were glad of it.  “Where is my feminine side”?  Right here next to me; part of me for we are one.  I have been truly blest that it was this time of year back in 1970 that I found the gal for me.  Yes, for sure, the Lord was plenty good to me.