The Daily Paine

We were meeting then as a man and woman must always meet, when the world and time stand aside and there is only this, a meeting of minds and of pulsing blood, and a joining of hands in the quiet hour.”
–Louis L’Amour

“Life was so short.  Hope and love so futile!  Home and family…should be treasured and lived for with all the power of blood and mind.  Friends should be precious.  It was realization that a man needed.”
–Zane Grey

“Pack it up, honey, it’s time for us to be a-movin'”  How did Sarah react to those words?  She was cozy and comfortable in Ur, but now Abraham was telling her that they were moving.  Contrary to many modern women, Sarah didn’t throw a tantrum, she didn’t say that if he goes, he goes alone.  Nope, the Scripture just says that Abraham took her with him.
Nothing is mentioned about her desires or her plans.  She didn’t get the neighbors to join her and protest with a march down the street.  What she must have done was get the goods of the home together and make sure they were properly packed on the camels.  Busy, busy with love, following her man.
Graduation was not far away, but I had no job.  Vietnam was certainly in the picture.  Down I traipsed to the recruiters office and enlisted in the Air Force.  Graduation came, I went to Basic Training, but first the wife and I packed up and took her to her parents for a few weeks.  Then my first assignment, Tyndall AFB, FL.  We went from a small, one-bedroom apartment in Missouri, to a small two-bedroom trailer in Panama City.  But that wasn’t all, we moved twice more in one year.  “Pack it up, honey, we’re movin’.”
From 1972-1977, we moved ten times.  No gripes, no complaints, no threats to run home–she was with me all the way.  After the military there was no work, it was lean times and without Granny and Pappy we would have been hard-pressed to make it.  But then, it must be the Holy Spirit again, we moved to of all places, Houston, TX.  No way, neither of us could believe we were actually moving to Texas.  “Pack it up, honey, we’re moving to the Lone Star State.”
Eight years there, then Cajun country in Baton Rouge for six, then back to cold country in northern Kentucky for three years.  “Pack it up, honey, I’m moving you all around the country.”  In all of the places where we lived, there certainly were no “crystal chandeliers.”  I was teaching, coaching, and working on my master’s degree, whew.  She was teaching and keeping the budget, making sure we always had good food, and once in a while a pie.  Then that “pesky” Holy Spirit sent up back to Texas.  Can you believe that?  “Pack it up, honey, we’re headin’ for San Antonio, yeehaw!”
Abraham moved Sarah around a few times.  I wonder if that camel was comfortable?  Goodness, what a life they must have shared!  Not always smooth, and there was a lot of sand under their feet as they traveled.  Times were different, cultures were different, occupations were different, but Abraham/Sarah have something in common with Don/Annie.  We have tried, in every move, to be led of the Holy Spirit.
“Pack it up, honey….”

“Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich is life.  She will not hinder him, but help him all her life.”
–Proverbs 31:2-3 (NLT)