The Daily Paine

Enjoy it [life] while you can.  Seize every scrap of legitimate happiness, but remember…life is not a picnic.  There are tears in things.”
–William F. Sangster

“God loves the very anatomy of a journey, not for the sake of perpetual motion, but for the sake of guidance and restoration the Spirit brings along the way.”
–Jill Carattini

“You may have noticed that life is no picnic; this is especially true when you find yourself in a wilderness.  So far the trail has been relatively clear and has been easy to follow.  Be careful, however, of becoming complacent.
Maybe you are struggling as the trail moves up the side of a mountain.  The trail moves back and forth between huge boulders, and then through thick forests of evergreen.  Even though the trail seems to be clearly marked it is rugged.
This brings to mind a painting by Fred Deaver, “A Heap of Trouble.”  An old frontiersman was making his way along a wilderness trail.  There were steep walls of rock to one side and on the other a deep gorge.  The trail he was traveling was narrow and he had to be careful of his footing.  He looks up and around the curve comes a grizzly bear–a heap of trouble.  Be alert!  If your wilderness consists of climbing a mountain, watch your footing; but also keep your eyes peeled for what may be coming around the next bend.”  (taken from Trails in the Wilderness)

It seems to be apparent that far too many concentrate on the term “happiness.”  I have heard numerous parents and friends say concerning a relationship, “as long as it makes her/him happy.”  No, no, my friend!  Happiness is not the end.  The end is truth, following God’s trail, and finding eternal life.  Happiness here may prove to be an illusion.  Happiness, or so-called happiness, here may prove to be the trail to eternal damnation. 
The trail to heaven is often hard to find for it is narrow.  That trail, once it is found, is often full of temptations, full of obstacles, full of its share of weariness.  It may not be happy, but the person who travels it has a joy unspeakable deep within their soul.
Walk softly, walk carefully for the enemy of your soul will seek to get you off the heavenly trail.  It may be through the temptation of an “easier way.”  It may be an obstacle that brings havoc to your mind.  It may be a “bear” waiting around the bend to which there seems no way to get around.  Trust in God, for He is the One who has guided you along the trail.

“So I came today to the spring, and said, ‘O Lord, the God of my master Abraham, if now You will make my journey on which I go successful.”
–Genesis 24:42 (NASB)