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My mercy, the year has flown by fast! Tomorrow, yes tomorrow will be the last of the Daily Paines for the summer. Starting Monday or somewhere there-abouts the summer edition will appear. This year I reckon to call it: Echoes From the Campfire–Summer Edition. There will be the normal stuff, and stuff not so normal. It may be regular and it may be sporadic. Come on, after all it’s summer!

Going to try and relax some this summer. ‘Course did that last summer, but not of my choosing. Blame it all on the “heart.” The plan was to head to Montana and do some camping, but that hailstorm several weeks back played havoc with that taking any loose change I might have. So no definite plans yet, but be careful and if you see any dust flyin’ we might just be comin’ your way. So Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado are on hold. Surely would like to up to my stompin’ grounds, but not likely this year.
Revelation 21:5, “He who was seated on the throne said, ‘I am making everything new!'”

Ponder these little tidbits:
1) It may feel like the world is collapsing around you when you fail, but it isn’t.
2) Do not let self-pity overwhelm you.
3) Inventory why you failed–learn.
4) Ask God for a fresh vision, and the determination to accomplish what you need to do.
5) Renewal and revival are yours, only be faithful and obedient.
I have been going through stuff at school; what needs to be filed and what needs to be thrown away. I came across a card given me by Mum & Dad (Granny & Pappy or Annie’s parents). Fits the bill now so I’ll pass it along. The title is “I think it’s time to hang it up.”

“Gettin’ old is quite a drag
Your hair turns grey, things start to sag…
A shot of pepto’s your evening snack,
Along with aspirin for the aching back.

The eyes go bad and the teeth fall out,
To hear your friends, they have to shout.
The bills pile up though you work danged hard;
Now, aren’t you glad you got this card?”

Now how ’bout that?

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