The Daily Paine

It doesn’t take long to tell where a person’s treasure is, in fifteen minutes, with most people, you can tell whether their treasures are on earth or in heaven.”
–D. L. Moody

“What does a name mean?  Nothing, until a man makes it mean something.”
–Louis L’Amour

How are you identified?  What is it about you that others notice?  Are there identifying marks or scar; possibly there is an outstanding character trait?  Lincoln was known as “Honest Abe,” Washington for “not telling a lie.”  What is it about you?  During the days prior to World War II, Jews in Germany were required to wear identification–the yellow star.
Maybe you are identified by a character trait.  Anger may exemplify you, or perhaps you are always happy.  I can remember a student who always brightened up any room she was in by her smile.  That smile was always present, and it helped others.  Maybe you wear a constant frown or your lower lip is swollen from having it pooched out and stepping on it.
I’ve known people who were known for their hard work and others for their laziness.  Remember “Lightning” on “Amos & Andy”?  His words were always, “I’ll flash right over there,” but it was always in slow motion.  And then there was Wild Bill Elliott who always said, “I’m a peaceful man.”  I can remember a set of parents that caused teachers to avoid them.  If either of those parents walked down a hallway and a teacher saw them coming that teacher would dart into the restroom.
Some people are known for their evilness.  Think of Charles Manson, or of Gothic lore–Dracula.  They are cruel, hard, and uncaring toward others.  There was Dorian Grey, the epitome of self-centeredness and lust.  On the other hand, there are those who are definitely “good Samaritans.”  To throw a Biblical truth at you, people are known by their “fruits,” in other words their works and actions.  Take a minute and read Galatians 5 and think of those people you can identify by their works–either of evil or of the Spirit.
In the West the cattle were marked, branded and were identified by that brand.  It was a way of telling ownership and wealth, what belonged to whom, and there then was no question.  It is important that we carry on us the “brand” of the Holy Spirit and are known by Him and by others that we belong to Him.  In ancient times there was the “seal” the signet of the owner.  We are to be sealed by the Holy Spirit so that we are recognizable to Him on that day with the Lord returns.
With that in mind there will also be a seal of damnation in the end times.  There will be those who are known by the seal of the Antichrist.  They will be known as one of his.  Hmmm, interesting to ponder; so many today are seeking “seals” calling them tattoos.  Why would a person want anything other than the seal of the Holy Spirit – perhaps to draw attention to themselves.

“And don’t grieve God’s Holy Spirit. You were sealed by Him for the day of redemption.”
–Ephesians 4:30 (HCSB)