The Daily Paine

Perhaps one of the greatest mistakes of the Christian life of this century is the forgetting of the fact that we are but pilgrims moving through this life.  This world is not our home; we are just traveling through it for a time.  When the way gets rough or dreary we need to remember that we have a close Friend by our side and we need to look to Him along the way.  He will help us not to get lost, to get over obstacles, to weather the storms, and to guide each day and night.    
          “As I travel through this pilgrim land
           there is a Friend who walks with me.
           Leads me safely thru the sinking sand,
           It is the Christ of Calvary;
           This would be my prayer dear Lord,
           each day to help me do the best I can
           For I need Thy light to guide me day and night
           Blessed Jesus hold my hand.”
                    –Albert Brumley

“Yea, though I walk the Valley of the Shadow of Death…” I know that Jesus is with me.  He is with me on the highest mountains where the winds howl and He is with me in the lowest valleys.  On that last trail of life that takes me toward that setting sun I can go with assurance that He is holding my hand.  Life may have given me friends from time to time, but Jesus is a friend that goes with me through life, and then through death, and then He will be with me also when I reach heaven’s shore.

          “When I wander thru the valley dim
           toward the setting of the sun,
           Lead me safely to a land of rest
           If I a crown of life have won;
           I have put my faith in Thee, dear Lord,
           That I may reach the golden strand,
           There’s no other friend on whom I can depend,
           Blessed Jesus hold my hand.

                 Jesus, Hold my hand, I need Thee every hour,
                 Thru this pilgrim land, protect me by Thy power;
                 Hear my feeble plea, O Lord, look down on me,
                 When I kneel in prayer I hope to meet you there,
                 Blessed Jesus, hold my hand.”

I would be remiss if I did not mention that my Grandma knew Albert Brumley and my Aunt Bern would also exclaim that he was her music teacher.  Both of them knew also of that Friend of whom he wrote and would agree with the words of this song.