The Daily Paine

Maybe Christmastime isn’t the right time to bring it up, but guess I will anyway.  I saw more of the snowflake bellyachers.  They were now complaining that they had to pay their debts.  It seems that somewhere in the poor, enriched (is that possible?) minds that they should not have to pay their college bills, but that society owed it to them.  Now, you or I don’t pay our bills, what happens?  Yep, their turn off the electricity, they turn off the water, they repossess.  What do they think, they are a special brand of cupcake or something?
Perhaps the worst of it is that many of them are, well, they call themselves Christians.  Seems to be the Word of the Lord is very plain about owing debts.  Paul mentions it in Romans 13:8, “Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.” (NKJV)  Hmmm, let’s see if I’ve got this right.  “If my lender loves me he forgives my debt.”  But doesn’t it work both ways?  A good study in money management is found in the Book of Proverbs, so you poor, enriched little snowflakes go read up on it, and quit expecting a handout.  We’re not socialist–yet.
     Wish I had space to write “There’s Nothing Like Nothing” by Waddie Mitchell here.  Sometimes we get to feeling poorly around Christmas.  I don’t mean that in the way that we are poor because we spent too much, but that we think we are poor because we can’t give.  We just get ourselves in and down-and-out way.  Anyway, here are a few stanzas from the poem.

          “‘Twas their fourteenth (46th for us) Christmas together
           ‘Cept for the kids, didn’t have much to show
           For the life he’d spent ridin’ for cattle
           And he was feeling especially low.

           For if ever a wife was obliging
           If ever a woman endured
           Then surely she was at the top of the list
           And a gift from her man was deserved.”

The story goes on and he bemoans his fate.  The wolf seemed to be at the door or there were always bills to pay, and as for retirement, that was a laugh for the work he did there wasn’t nothing put away from the past.  But here are a couple of more stanzas toward the end.

          “She smiled and put her arm ’round him
           Said, ‘You’ve worked yourself into a stew
           There’s nothin’ like nothin’ for Christmas
           When I get to share it with you.

           So don’t worry ’bout presents for Christmas
           And listen up, he-buckaroo
           There’s nothin’ like nothin’ for Christmas
           When I know it’s comin’ from you.'”

So be happy and recognize your blessings this Christmas.  Look up to the One who gave the greatest Gift to the world.  That will never be equaled.
So from this ol’ fence post to all of you out there reading this.  Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!