The Saga of Miles Forrest

I was sitting in the eatery with Molly enjoying her company along with a piece of butterscotch pie and some good coffee.  Sure can’t beat that threesome.
“Need to head up to Silverton later today.  Seems there was an attempted robbery at the office and have to check it out.”
“Was anybody hurt?” asked Molly.
“Not that I know of.  I should be back tomorrow or the next day at the latest unless something unusual pops up.”
“Seen anything of Tandy?”
I took a long sip.  “No, guess he decided he didn’t want the job.”
“Miles, what do you really think?”
“There is somethin’ in my gut that I don’t like.  I felt it right off when he tried to take the bounty on me.  Just can’t shake it.  I should have spotted him around if he was in town,” I paused to take a bite.  “But if he is up to something he might be layin’ low somewhere.”
We both got quiet and I reached up to pour some more coffee.  Molly reached and touched my arm.  “I don’t relish the idea of leavin’ you right now.  I don’t know why, but there’s somethin’ wrong.”
“Miles, we can’t let this put a stop to our living.  We have to go on, do our work and trust in the Lord.”
I nodded in agreement.  “I still don’t like it.  You be careful.  If Tandy shows up be ‘specially alert.”
I got up to leave and gave her a kiss and hug.  There was a gnawing in my gut as I walked down to the station.  Hopefully I could get back by tomorrow.  I just needed to check the story of the attempted robbery and check the safe.
Normally I enjoyed the ride up the canyon, but this time it seemed to take forever.  Upon arrival in Silverton I walked to the Wells Fargo office.  The three men who worked there were all okay.  The safe had a timer so that once it was closed it couldn’t be opened again for six hours.  One of the clerks had immediately went to the safe and closed it.
“Did you ever think that might set the bandits off; anger them so they might take it out on you?”
“Honestly Mr. Forrest, I never thought about it.  I just reacted.”
Putting my hand on his shoulder.  “I’m glad it worked out.  But gold and silver is not worth anyone’s life.”
“Recognize anyone?” I asked.
“No, they were all wearing masks.  Three entered the office and there was at least one maybe two outside.”
“Anything you can give me?”
“Sorry Miles.  Nothing special.  Even their masks were the same.  They were careful.”
I checked the safe.  Only a little cash taken from the front.  I told them to contact me if anything came to mind.  Going outside I walked on down to the hotel.  My foot rested on the step, but I hesitated on stepping up when I heard the shot.  The post in front of me shattered.  If I had taken that step it could easily have been my head.
People around were dropping to the ground or running away from scene.  I fell and then quickly high-tailed it across the street.  Another shot rang out and clipped just behind my heel.  I was able to get around the corner.
Someone was running up behind me and I turned.  “Don’t shoot Marshal, it’s me.”  It was the town marshal.
“Whatdya think?” he asked.  “Part of that group that tried to rob Wells Fargo or personal?”
“Good question.  Perhaps a bit of both.”
“I’ll go back and circle around.  That is unless you want to take a peek out and see if you can draw another shot,” remarked the marshal.
“I don’t think he’s there, but no, I’m patient.  You can move around and check.”
Twenty minutes later the marshal waved at me.  I stood up and went to meet him.  “He was using a Sharps.  Not many of them around anymore.”
Nothing more happened but it sure gave me something to ponder on the way back to Durango.  Whoever shot definitely had me for a target.  Maybe it was time to just pack up and move from this area.

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