The Saga of Miles Forrest

Sheriff, what are you doing about these young hoodlums?  Those young Mexicans are nothing but trouble and there you are eating with one at your table!” ranted Martin Olson.  “One of which just shot a man!”
    “Now, just…” Charlie started to reply, but Olson continued his rant.
    Pointing a finger at Charlie, he boomed, “You know Sheriff, there’s an election coming up!  I’ll do my best to see you’re defeated at the polls!”
    I reckoned it was time for me to get involved.  One thing I can’t stand is a self-righteous rant from a bureaucrat.  I stood,  
    “You stay out of this Forrest!” he barked.
    “It’s time for you to leave, Olson,” I said as calmly as I could.  “And it might do you good to remember, that an election is comin’ up.  Remember, you have only been appointed to fill the term.”
    His face turned bright red, I thought it was going to explode.  “I don’t have to leave here!  I know my rights!” he yelled.
    I looked back at Wilson Foster and John Newcombe.  They ducked their heads trying to avoid my eyes.  “Are you two part of this?” I asked.  There was no reply.
    Turning my attention back to Olson.  “You can leave now,” I said as I reached back for my Greener, “or I can thump you on the head and drag you out to the street.”
    “Threats!  Sheriff, you heard him threatening me!”
    “Why don’t you just shut up and leave,” offered Charlie.
    Olson clenched his fists bringing them up chest level.
    He started to turn, then looked at his companions.  “Are you coming?”  Then he strode toward the door.
    Newcombe and Foster lingered for a few seconds.  “Miles, I’ve contacted McCall.  He says he’s interested and is coming down to visit.”
    “He’s a good man,” I replied.  “He’d be a great marshal for Durango.  But what will Olson say?  When he barks, you two jump.  Time for some backbone, gentlemen.”
    There was some mumbling under their breath that I didn’t catch as they turned to leave.
    Placing the Greener back against the wall, I poured another cup of coffee before sitting.  I looked at Marta, “Will your people vote?”
    Her eyes widened slightly.  “They are scared.”
    “If Charlie and I were with them, would they vote?” I asked in earnest.  “We need to get Olson off that council.”
    Marta pondered for a few seconds, “Si, they will vote.  But who is going against him?”
    I looked at Charlie and he shrugged.  “Listen, I have to make a run to Silverton because of the train holdup.  Why don’t you mention it to Ooverholm?”
    Then I turned my attention to Lucas and Marta.  “I need a man to accompany me up to Silverton,” I said putting my hand on his shoulder.  “Think you’d like to take on the job?”
    “Senor Miles!” exclaimed Marta.  “He’s only a boy.”
    “Seems to me he took on a man’s responsibility when he protected you,” I replied then glanced at Molly who was smiling.
    “Really?” responded Lucas in delight.  “You really want my help, Senor Miles?”
    “We would leave in the mornin’, so that means that you’d have to get the woodbox filled with at least a week’s supply.  You can ride Two-Bits,” I stated then turned my attention to Marta.  “I’ll be with him.”
    Several hours later, Lucas sneaked into the room where John Lamb was lying.  “Senor, Senor,” he whispered.
    He opened his eyes and looked at Lucas groggily.  “You’re the boy that shot me,” he mumbled.
    “Si, Senor.  I am sorry, but I could not let you hurt my sister.”
    That brought a slight grin from Lamb.  “You’ll do, boy,” he said, then started to close his eyes.
    “Senor, I wanted you to know that I will pray for you.”
    Noise from the other room gathered Lucas’ attention.  He started out and bumped into James Lamb…
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